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After 40 plus years as a freelance cartographer, preparing quality customised map artwork for clients in tourism and the publishing industry, I have reached retirement age.

To all my clients, it has been a privilege to serve you and I have greatly appreciated your continued custom.

There is a huge archive of digital map artwork on my computer. If you have been one of Country Cartographics clients over the many enjoyable years, I thank you for letting me help you with your mapping artwork needs... and if you would like to obtain your maps in an editable form, i.e. Illustrator .ai vector format, then contact me on the email below.

I plan to continue working part-time and am happy to update existing map artwork if you wish to maintain a working relationship.

As one of the first full-time graduates in Cartography from RMIT in 1975, we were told we would retire before computers had any impact on our industry.

Nothing could've been further from the truth.

At retirement, I have worked through an amazing transition from freehand pen and ink drafting, to the uniquely cartographic craft of scribing, masking and type stick-up, then the first Computer Assisted Drafting techniques of hand digitizing using a calibrated tablet, then to scanning, manipulating digital data and using graphics software to produce undreamt of design and quality maps.

Having established a small niche expertise in preparing map artwork for printing I never ventured into the even more amazing area of GPS and interactive maps but stand in awe at what is developing in that field.

I would love to hear from you.

I may be contacted at

Thanks, Chris Crook









Country Cartographics provides custom map artwork, including:

- books, brochures and other printed publications

- large-scale prints for wall hangings and displays

- interactive or animated maps for web pages or data presentation